From the winery • 06 March 2020

A return to the roots

Going against the grain of the current trend for selling wineries to foreign investors, there are those who choose to put their money on the younger generation and the future. Read More

This is case of Mauro Veglio of La Morra, who has announced the merger of his winery with that of his nephew, Alessandro Veglio. This was a keenly felt choice by Mauro and Daniela, who wanted to bring a breath of fresh air to the work team, and ensure the Mauro Veglio winery would continue to be a “family run business” in years to come.

Born in 1982, Alessandro is Mauro’s brother’s son, and has been running his own winery, Alessandro Veglio, for some years now. However, the time had come for him to think about more land and making new investments, when the idea of merging their two businesses was conceived during a conversation with Mauro and Daniela.
Alessandro brings 5 hectares, located in La Morra (MGA Gattera) and Barolo (MGA Paiagallo) to the table, which will go to join the 14 belonging to the Veglio winery.
So begins a new chapter for the Mauro Veglio winery, one that will entail a fruitful generation change in the name of continuity of ideas and action.