From the winery • 13 March 2020

Barolo Gattera: The expression of a new balance

The Gattera MGA vineyards are a sentimental legacy for Mauro Veglio. Read More

They are the first parcels his father, Angelo, purchased in the ‘60s and also represent the addition of Alessandro Veglio, Mauro’s nephew, to the winery when he combined his winery’s vineyards with his uncle’s.

This merger, which took place in July 2017, has led to a change not only in company structure, but also for the Barolo Gattera wine, which will evolve into a new balance thanks to the blend of grapes harvested from Mauro’s vineyard, where the exposure is warmer and sunnier to the southwest, and Alessandro’s vineyards, which are exposed to the southeast and are cooler and windier.
This is a combination that will permit this MGA to express itself in a rich yet structured Barolo that will guarantee elegance, freshness and balance, even in the hottest of years.
The Barolo Gattera 2014, only 5.000 bottles of which were made, is an amazing wine. Although it has an ageing potential of 15 years, it is very enjoyable young. It is ruby with garnet reflections, spicy and inviting in the nose, which combines well with the notes of dark fruit and rose.