From the winery • 30 July 2020

Barolo Paiagallo 2016, our new Barolo

After the acquisition of a new vineyard within the MGA Paiagallo, Mauro Veglio winery is preparing to launch a new Barolo label. Read More

The merger with the Alessandro Veglio winery, Mauro nephew, brought 0.65 hectares of vineyards, located within the prestigious Paiagallo MGA, located in the municipality of Barolo.

The Barolo Paiagallo 2016 will launch in January 2020 with a limited production of about 4,000 bottles.

It is the first Barolo produced by Alessandro and Mauro together. A challenge that has allowed the achievement of those features that are typical of Mauro Veglio’s style through a wine-making process that partly differs from those of other labels.

For the production of Barolo Paiagallo, short maceration and aging in barriques have been replaced by a long maceration in vertical tanks with a slower and more constant extraction, followed by a process of refinement in large 30hl barrels.