Castelletto is a vast area that winds between Monforte d’Alba and the frazione of Perno along the confines of Serralunga d’Alba. Here, we cultivate about four hectares of vineyards that lay in a southeast position, between 250 and 350 m of elevation. Beginning with the 1996 vintage, we were the first producers to use this name on the label, and the first with its official recognition. The prevalent amount of sandstone and the well-ventilated microclimate create a tannic Barolo that is very fresh, with balsamic, mint, and eucalyptus notes.

Cru and vineyards

We vinify our Barolo crus by respecting the seasonality of each harvest, without forcing the grapes’ limits or artificially “adjusting” during the course of our work. If our grapes or wines do not display the desired characteristics, we prefer not to vinify the vintage at all rather than betray the quality towards which we strive.