The vine

We strongly believe in the vine and in the importance of work among the vineyards. This is where the quality of our wines is born, in full respect of the environment, the vines, and the people who work with us.

The choice to create products of quality is the distinguishing characteristic of every phase of production. Overall, our biggest commitment is that which we dedicate to our vineyards, the true sancta sanctorum of our work.

We choose to follow a simple and natural viticulture that respects the environment. We use minimal amounts of treatments on our vines and use sulfur and copper, traditional elements that are non-toxic to humans and to the environment.

We have eliminated the use of chemical pesticides, and instead use pheromones that confuse the mating habits of harmful insects, limiting limit their reproduction and not interrupting the natural chain of predators. We do not use herbicides, but instead practice natural cover crops between vineyard rows with beneficial flowers and plants. This not only combats erosion, but it helps encourage the return of benign insects that contribute to the health of the ecosystem, as well as the diffusion of natural yeasts that settle on the skins of the grapes. In addition, we use no synthetic products for our fertilizers, only natural and selected manure.

The quality of our grapes, and therefore of the wine, is maintained by practicing repeated thinnings throughout the course of the seasons, with the objective of respecting the natural growth of each grape bunch and permitting them to reach perfect ripeness, without forcing them or exhausting their nutrients.

Respect for nature, the vines, and our territory and the search for a balance between humans and the environment: these fundamental elements guide all our agricultural practices.